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Book a 2022 Stay at Port View in Falmouth to Support the Ukraine Crisis

Stay in Cornwall and support the Ukraine Crisis
When Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on 24th February 2022, it caused the displacement of many tens of thousands of Ukrainian people from their homes, more than 12.8 million people have now been forced to leave to seek safe shelter.

The reaction around the world has been one of serious concern and as the Russian military continues to attack Ukraine this has triggered an outpouring of global aid and giving. As part of this movement, the people of Cornwall have come together to provide aid and hope and ask the important question: what can we do to help those affected? 

Within Cornwall, help for the crisis has ranged from businesses donating a portion of their income to charities helping those hit hardest by the Ukraine crisis, to residents offering shelter to refugees needing a place to live once they arrive in the UK. 

At Cornish Holiday Cottages, we stand in support of the Ukrainian people who are bravely resisting this unprovoked and brutal act of war. In light of this human crisis we are proud to promote that the owner of one of our harbourside properties, Port View, will be donating 100% of earnings from 2022 bookings to two local charities involved with refugee care: Falmouth and Penryn Welcome and Refugee Support EU.

Falmouth and Penryn Welcome 

Formed in April 2018, Falmouth and Penryn Welcome’s aim is to help welcome refugees so they can rebuild their lives in the local area of Penryn and Falmouth. In 2019 they warmly welcomed the first family in December, and the second family in June 2021, both of which have settled in well. On average it costs £10,000 to help resettle a family, the money raised goes towards a rent top-up for housing, paying for interpreters, providing English lessons and helping to give the family everything they need to become independent, integrated members of the community.

Refugee Support EU

Refugee Support was founded in 2016 to protect and support people who had fled violent conflict and help refugees, and the communities that harbour them, with much-needed material support. In March 2022 a Refugee Support team opened a free Dignity Market to distribute food and hygiene items to Ukrainian people who are living in Moldovan homes. 

A word from Mary, Port View’s Owner 

“I think we all need to do what we can to help with the current Ukrainian refugee crisis. 

Initially, I had thought about giving the holiday home to a family but the difficulties in sourcing a family directly made me think that an alternative more practical way for me was to donate the money earned from renting out the holiday home instead to a relevant charity working with refugees.

During the course of exploring this, I was impressed by how much has been done already locally for refugees and wish to highlight the work of the Falmouth and Penryn Welcome Refugee Families. 

Not only have they done excellent work helping two Syrian Families who arrived in Falmouth, but they have also helped all of the families with children settle in by arranging extracurricular activities such as music lessons, outdoor education during the holidays and academic tutoring. 

Their way of being funded is via fundraising events and they have set a goal of £9000 in an application to welcome another family. “

Port View is a quayside holiday apartment nestled within the acclaimed Packet Quays development. The property benefits from an open-plan living area, with large windows designed to embrace its view of the bustling harbour. The unique perspective offered by Port View is certain to bring you joy, occupying one of the very best locations in Falmouth. Support the refugee crisis, escape the everyday and find sanctuary by the sea, at Port View.

Port View benefits from an open-plan living area, with large windows designed to embrace it’s view.

From the window, the curious amongst us will revel in the happenings on the harbour, enjoying prime position to watch a Cornish life play out before them as all manner of boats from super yachts to sailing dinghies dart across the water.

Equipped with everything you should need to ensure your stay is in utter comfort, this two-bedroom apartment comes with two bathrooms ensuring that everyone can get ready in time for making the most of the day ahead.