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Poldark Mine

Visit the only true and complete underground tin mine in Cornwall open to the general public and venture 100 feet underground through passages to learn about the history of the site and the hard life of the miners. 

Located in the picturesque Wendron Valley, close to Helston, Poldark Mine has free admission to the main site and offers something for all the family. Poldark Tin Mine is one of Cornwall’s most important heritage sites and contains what are believed to be the oldest complete mine workings in Great Britain that are open to the public. 

The above-ground experience of industrial heritage would be reason enough to visit Poldark on its own, but the real highlight of visiting is a guided tour of the historic tunnels. The tour takes you 100 feet under the surface, through narrow passages, while guides explain the history of the site and the hard life of the miners. One of the unusual features at Poldark is an underground post box, where you can send specially stamped cards and letters. 

Browse through the museum’s artefacts which illustrate the history of tin mining at Poldark and Cornwall in general, and marvel at the many machines scattered around the site, many of which are still in full working order.

The mine tour is not suitable for the nervous or disabled as there are lots of steps and some very narrow passageways.

If you would rather not venture underground, or are unable to do so, then why not take tea in the tea room overlooking the gardens and ponds, or take a stroll around the beautiful open-air museum in its stunning rural setting, where you can brush up on your history while making the most of the Cornish sun.

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