Sunshine Café Yoga Space

If you’re seeking wellness or mindful activities to compliment the Cornish lifestyle and your own need to unwind on holiday, Sunshine Cafe Yoga Space will warm you up from the inside out. Unwind and stretch in the yoga studio; tap into your breath, embrace meditation, and discover something new with their healing therapies. Or just come to eat. They serve up delicious healthy bowls, fresh juices and next-level coffee in their light-filled cafe. 

Tucked away behind serene white walls in Penryn, Sunshine Cafe Yoga Space offers yoga classes, massages and holistic treatments to detox and restore.

Experience yoga in an unrivalled space of calm and tranquillity. Come for the skylight and underfloor heating; stay for the soft light, calming colours and all-natural materials that keep you connected and grounded. Walk in, sip on herbal tea, and unwind before class even begins. 

Their range of yoga classes include anything from vinyasa and slow flow to yin and restorative. Allowing for all levels and any energy. Sunshine Cafe Yoga Space’s community is full of beginners, twice-a-weekers, yogis and teachers. There’s zero judgement, visitors can take what they want, and their trusted teachers are there to guide you through your practice. 

More than just a really great massage (although they offer these too), their holistic treatment room is a space for visitors to let go, restore and heal. Soft lighting, aromatherapy and music combine to lull you into peace and quiet. They combine energetic and hands-on healing that helps you align your physical, emotional and spiritual health. It’s about bringing you back to you; sometimes we fall out of ourselves and their therapies can help you back up. 

Whether you’re coming to relieve pain, reduce stress or just take some time to escape the noise, their practitioners encourage you to chat further about your needs so they can offer you tailored treatments to suit you. 

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