Jam Records

Jam Records is a living-room style café and record shop, based on the Old High Street in Falmouth. It serves exceptional coffee, muffins and houses some outstanding musical treasures on CD and vinyl.

One of a dying breed of old fashioned record shops (with actual records in it) Jam aims to share their finds in new and old music. Known to some locals as the culture shop, not only does Jam offer music collectables but also an eclectic range of art, photography and design books, contemporary fiction and a selection of independent and forein film on dvd.

Upstairs, visitors will be greeted by Mandy Kemp who opened Jam’s doors over fifteen years ago in spring 2003, and her canine assistant who can regularly be seen lolling about outside the café entrance. She mentions that the music industry was very different when she first started the business, and she began by just selling folk and world music as a way of offering something different to the competition.

Following a narrow wooden staircase tucked into a corner will take you down into a different world entirely. The low lit basement is decked out with vintage upholstery; old TVs, cameras, seating and typewriters; and of course records and books as far as the eye can see. It’s the perfect spot for a quiet and music-accompanied coffee. 

To contact call: 01326 211722

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