Nude Canteen

A Cornish Holiday Cottages team favourite, Nude Canteen, owned by Jess Haynes and opened in 2019, has quickly built up an impeccable reputation as one of Falmouth’s best eateries. 

Tucked away at the end of Falmouth’s busy highstreet a few doors down from Espressini, Jess serves unforgettable natural lunches, delicious baked goods, fruit-packed smoothies and, occasionally, fresh-veg boxes stuffed with the very best organic and local produce.

Nude Canteen offers a range of nutritious food options with a huge freedom of choice. You can choose from a base of flatbread, salad or poke bowl, and then create your own unique nourishing topping using a protein, sauce and sides. Protein options change on a weekly basis and in the past have included sashimi salmon, sweet gingered tofu and miso mushroom.

Jess is warm, friendly and lives and breathes the food that she serves, constantly researching food trends and new vegan recipes. Her gorgeously bright and patterned food bowls are not only excitingly honest, raw and organic, they are beautiful to behold. 

On Friday afternoons in our Mawnan Smith office, the Cornish Holiday Cottages team can be found regularly indulging in a lunchtime Nude poke bowl and splitting a few double-stuffed cookies!

To contact, please direct message Jess via :

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