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Verdant Seafood Bar

A hidden gem tucked away down one of Falmouth town’s lovely side streets sits Verdant Seafood Bar. A crowd-funded, fish focused tapas bar, celebrating a range of delicious local beer.

Co-founder Adam Robertson believes that although the classic pairing of seafood with wine has been celebrated for many years and holds its merit, there is no reason that beer should be left out of the picture. 

The menu celebrates dishes such as Mussels with lime leaf and ginger, deep-fried haddock with Sriracha mayonnaise, and special fish butties. Beside token white wines and Square Root sodas sit a Verdant array of lambic brews. Cornwall is dotted with microbreweries and cosy little Verdant Seafood bar is proof that a bunch of impassioned, self-starting hopheads can provide great stomach-liners, too. 

To contact call: 01326 712132