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Sustainable and responsible holidays in Falmouth & Helford

Our heart and soul goes into creating the best for our guests, clients, colleagues and the local area as a whole.

We know how precious your holiday is, time to relax and experience new wonders. You see we’re well rooted in Falmouth and Helford, our wonderful corner of the world, and yours too. From the day we started, we’ve shared the best places to eat and beaches to watch the sunset – it’s what sets us apart.

We’ve been doing our best to be a Cornish holiday company that’s kind to our planet and gives back to our local community, with holiday happiness at our core. We’ll continue supporting our local partners and working with the industry to push sustainable tourism. You too can be part of our journey.


Community Spirit

We believe supporting other businesses and charities benefits the organisations involved and the wider community. By collaborating, we can share resources and expertise, build stronger communities, and take action on social responsibility.

We are proud to partner with some amazing local organisations such as Children’s Sailing Trust, St Petrocs, Falmouth Befriending, Pendennis Leisure CIO, and Falmouth Community Football Club.

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Supporting Smaller

Cornwall is blessed with rich lands and bountiful seas, and we’d like to protect it for future generations. The Falmouth and Helford area has a wonderful mix of heritage and contemporary businesses. They thrive on supporting each other and the planet.

The Falmouth and Helford River area is abundant with fresh produce, from fishmongers, greengrocers, butchers, and bakers. Buying locally offers you the crème de la crème of Cornish produce and products. And that’s without mentioning supporting passionate producers.

The cobbled streets of Falmouth town centre are lined with independent shops, boutiques, galleries, and curios that showcase the area’s artisans. Home to award-winning produce from gin to coffee, ceramics to household brushes, made with love for you and the planet.

Find handpicked eateries, cafes, shops and activities in our guide.

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Going Plastic-Free

Your Cornish holiday is a time to plunge into nature and make memories with loved ones. It can be difficult to avoid single-use plastic while you are on the go, enjoying vanilla ice creams and fresh street food. Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans, harming marine life and polluting the environment.

Going plastic-free on holiday is a great way to reduce the environmental impact and support sustainability efforts. Try bringing a zero-waste kit with reusable items such as cloth napkins, reusable food containers, cutlery and straws. By supporting local initiatives you can make a difference in reducing plastic waste. Falmouth is a certified plastic-free community that many local businesses are part of and have taken steps to be more sustainable.


Caring For Beaches

If you stay at a cornish holiday cottage with sea views, you’ll know how wonderfully important our oceans are. Beach cleaning is essential to keep them clean and protect marine life. Litter that is left on the beach can harm animals that mistake it for food or become entangled. By taking any litter home with us, we are helping to protect the environment and make our beaches safer for everyone to enjoy.

Many groups in Cornwall organise regular beach cleaning events throughout the year. These groups are often run by local volunteers and sometimes provide equipment, such as gloves and bags. They also offer a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and make a positive impact on the environment.

If you’re interested in getting involved in beach cleaning in Cornwall, check out organised events from Surfers Against Sewage, Clean Ocean Sailing, and The National Trust. Alternatively, you can organise your own beach clean event and invite friends and family to join you. By working together, we can all make a difference in creating a cleaner environment for all.


Enjoy a Car-Free Holiday

By choosing a car-free holiday, you can reduce your carbon footprint and spend more time soaking up the scenery. Cornwall has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, boats, and trains that connect you with the major towns and attractions. 

The train is a relaxing way to travel. Tuck into a picnic as you go over the Tamar River and glance at the passing landscapes. Experience the overnight train, with the Night Riviera running directly from London Paddington Station.

Have fun cycling your way around Cornwall at your own pace. You could even try electric bikes, which are easy to use and help you get that extra mile.

A popular and meditative way of exploring Cornwall’s stunning coastline and countryside is walking. The South West Coastal Path has fabulous vistas, but not always the quickest route. Discover the many public footpaths across fields and through woodlands using Cornwall Council’s interactive map

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Sustainable Tourism

Many of our Cornish holiday cottages are located in rural areas, where you can connect with nature and experience the charm of Falmouth and Helford life.

Our curated portfolio includes many holiday homes that are owned and maintained by locals. We nurture long-term relationships with our owners and suppliers, who share our love for nature and social standards. By choosing to stay in one of our cottages you are supporting sustainable tourism.

Holiday cottages allow you to relish all the comforts of home while reducing your carbon footprint compared to traditional hotels. We like to use non-toxic or low-toxic cleaning products, to protect the environment and our guest’s wellbeing.

At Cornish holiday Cottages, we maintain high standards for our cottages and feel that natural wear and tear becomes a part of their character. With our yearly property audits, we keep things tip-top, however, we do believe that fixing what is not broken is not sustainable.

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The local experience

Knowing a local can make all the difference when it comes to having an unforgettable trip. We’ve explored the Falmouth and the Helford River area extensively, we know all the hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-track beaches. You can always count on us to guide you about where to eat, swim and everything else.

Booking a local experience such as trying seaweed foraging or a ceramic throwing taster, can help you discover new passions. You can get to know the Falmouth and Helford area in a new unique way.

Responsible travel is at the heart of what we do. It gives you a great experience and supports the community. This is why we are so passionate about promoting things to do locally and seasonally via our Online Guide.

We hope this gives you some ideas to spread your travel positivity, have fun!

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