Sandcastle Building
by Alexander Burton inChild Friendly Cornwall

Building a perfect sandcastle – Five top tips

How to build a sandcastle...
From precision placement to mixing seawater with sand to just the right consitency, we've had plenty of practice making sturdy sandcastles. Here are our five tips to building the best sandcastle on your holiday in Cornwall.

1. Choose your spot wisely
Building the perfect sandcastle takes thought from the outset. Try to place your castle on smooth, level sand. A few taps on the ground with the spade should do the trick for your foundation. Or why not place yours on the harder sand near the water’s edge.

2. Get the mix just right
Each year in Cornwall thousands of castles crumble due to the wrong mix of sand. Fill your bucket with sand from near the waterline for the perfect consistency.

3. Practice makes perfect
One of the best bits of sandcastle building is getting it just right, which means learning from previous mistakes! Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

4. Ten taps does the trick
Resist the urge to reveal your masterpiece too soon! Our extensive research has found that about ten gentle taps on top are what you need to make sure the castle releases from the mould perfectly.

5. Don’t forget the decor
Turn your sandcastle into palace by collecting shells for battlements or doors. Mussel shells make great doors and hard-to-find unicorn shells make great fairytale castle battlements. Of course, it’s all in the detail!

Practice makes perfect...

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