by Claire Corbett inChristmas in Cornwall

How to Have a Conscious Christmas

Christmas with conscience
Each year the team at Cornish Holiday Cottages aim to increase their sustainable and eco-friendly habits, as part of our passion to protect the planet. This year we are championing the eco-conscious Christmas and exploring ways that we can be kinder to the environment this festive holiday season.

Everyone deserves a little lift and a slice of indulgence this Christmas, but with our need to tackle problems of the future, it’s positive to rethink ways in which we celebrate yuletide. If you’re in the same mind frame as us, but you’re strapped for time to research how to enjoy a minimalist Christmas, or unsure how to do your part, we’ve got you covered. Here’s are our top tips on how to have a more sustainable Christmas this year..

Shop Sustainable Gifts

While it used to be tough to source eco-friendly products, there is now a wide selection of businesses that produce beautiful gifts that are kind to the planet. And with Cornwall’s booming creative community (who also share green values), there’s no shortage of sustainable and locally-made present ideas. Gifting consciously doesn’t need to be complex, and to help take away the stress of the Christmas shop we’ve rounded up our favourite, conscious gift ideas, that are kind to the planet and support Cornwall’s creative community.


Use Eco-friendly Wrapping and Cards

Wrapping presents with a Christmas flick or festive carols humming in the background, the fire crackling and a glass of mulled wine to hand, can be one of the cosiest things to do at yuletide. But as conventional wrapping materials are laminated with plastic, foil or other non-recyclable materials, the majority of our wrapping efforts end up in the landfill. We can swap the shiny paper for parcel paper, the sellotape for string or ribbon, and the store-bought embellishments for natural decorations such as cinnamon sticks and sprigs of holly and pine.


Stay Local for you Christmas Getaway

While some may be tempted to jet off to warmer climates for a happy noel, magical memories are assured with a festive stay at Cornish Holiday Cottages. From large lavish properties with room for a full family gathering to romantic chocolate-box cottages perfect for a dreamy couple’s Christmas, reduce your carbon footprint and have a Christmas in Cornwall this year.


Adorn with Natural Decorations

When decorating for Christmas, most will bring down the packaged-up box from the loft with decorations that have been collected and treasured over the years, or made while the children were little. The family-heirloom decor will always make the best decorations, but if these aren’t to hand, why not try collecting natural decor materials while on your next winter walk such as holly leaves, pinecones, mistletoe and ivy. If you’re purchasing a tree we recommend buying locally and making sure it’s FSC-certified. If you’d like to go a step further a potted tree might be the answer, so you can reuse it each year, or you can rent one over the festive period from companies that will replant it for use again next year!


Buy Food from Local Sources

Perhaps our favourite way to indulge on Christmas day is through large festive feasts, chocolate galore and tipples a-plenty. Ways in which we can ensure we’re being responsible cooks this Christmas is by buying ingredients from local sources, using a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to meat dishes (or subbing entirely for vegetarian or vegan options), using leftovers to conjure up new and exciting dishes, and freezing anything that’s remaining to enjoy at a later date.


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