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Team Shoot at Abbot’s Loft

Lights, Camera, Abbot's Loft
On a sunny and bright mid-September morning, the Cornish Holiday Cottages team awoke early, to venture down to Falmouth’s waterfront and through the upturned boat hull at the base of Upton’s Slip, to explore our newest property and take fresh team photos. 

With excited laughter and eager steps, we took our first group peek inside our newest property Abbot’s Loft. Having all lived locally in Falmouth for numerous years, this area of the town is well-known to us due to its close proximity to a food and drink favourite. 

We have all planned ahead months in advance to book in for an evening at The Wheelhouse eatery, a truly special place that most knew as the best restaurant in Cornwall for seafood and atmosphere. Walking down this particular opeway always led to special evenings dining on fresh and flavoursome scallops, crab, and mussels. We are delighted that now, despite the recent closure of the Wheelhouse, we have another reason to rejoice at walking down this pathway.

The purpose of our visit here, on this day, was not only to become familiar with our most recent portfolio addition but to take our new team photos. It had been a while coming, with our new small-but-mighty team being solidified for over a year. And now with the busy summer season behind us, we had a spare moment to gather in a home-from-home setting, to celebrate us.

When debating where we should have our team shoot, we discussed the local gardens, Helford River quays, and Pendennis Point. But by the hubbub of the harbour, in one of our magical cottages beside the lapping tide, seemed unbeatable. 

We were lucky enough to have tracked down Tor Harrison who had a free slot in her busy diary to take our photos. Meeting us at the entrance she came equipped with a smile and her camera. 

Upon entering Abbot’s Loft we were greeted by owner, Mitty, who welcomed us warmly inside with offers of coffee and tea. The morning light poured in through the living room windows onto the wooden floorboards, bouncing off the collection of green plants and offering the perfect setting for our headshots. 

While the team took it in turns to have their individual photos taken with Tor, the rest of us nosied around the property, opening up hidden doors and discovering hatches that revealed secret staircases to lovely lookouts. While exploring, Mitty regaled us with stories of how he transformed the space using a plethora of local materials, a handful of boat builders, and a curated sum of unique artworks, trinkets, and sailing memorabilia. Each item and corner of Abbot’s Loft has a rich narrative behind it and we also learn of its past as an artist studio and sail makers.

After our headshots, we chose to wander onto the beach, which sits alongside the property, for a team photo. We were all able to experience just how magical it was to step outside Abbot’s Loft and straight onto a beach. Here we gathered, gazing out at the bobbing boats and the distant sea. Stood together in this moment we felt we were adding to the story of Abbot’s Loft. It is exciting to know that future guests will be doing so too.  

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