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Extra Vigilant Cleans this Summer

Our extra measures
As we welcome visitors back to Cornwall, the health, safety, and well-being of our guests is of utmost importance to us. Our caretakers will have worked hard to prepare properties to an exacting standard, carrying out an extra vigilant cleans prior to guests arrival.
Departing guests will need to vacate their properties by 9am to allow caretakers a longer window of time to prepare properties. Incoming guests will access to their holiday homes from 5pm. Soft furnishings and items such as books & board games will be removed to limit touch points.

This checklist indicates just some of the measures in place to ensure a comfortable stay in Cornwall.

Entrance, Hallway and Porch

  1. Keys disinfected
  2. Door handles, frame and front door disinfected.
  3. Wash off any marks on walls.
  4. Shake out doormat and clean underneath.
  5. Stairs vacuumed and brushed.
  6. Sweep and tidy approach down to the front door.


  1. Disinfected water taps, cupboard handles, appliance handles, level surfaces and all metal.
  2. All crockery, glassware and cutlery run through a cycle in the dishwasher.
  3. Dishwasher checked and filter cleared.
  4. Fridge/freezer cleared and defrosted if necessary.
  5. Cooker top and grill cleaned.
  6. Oven cleaned.
  7. Saucepans checked and cleaned if necessary.
  8. Glasses, cutlery and crockery checked.
  9. Shelves in cupboards/drawers checked and cleaned.
  10. Dustbin cleaned out.
  11. Place mats checked and cleaned.
  12. Kitchen floor washed.
  13. Tumble drier filters cleared.
  14. Cleaning products topped up and clean cloth, two tea towels and an oven cloth/glove provided for incoming guests.
  15. All food items removed.

Sitting Room

  1. TV remotes wiped with a damp cloth sprayed with antibacterial solution.
  2. Welcome folder wiped with disinfectant.
  3. Dusted and polished furniture, with a slightly damp cloth and anti-bacterial spray.
  4. Carpet thoroughly vacuumed.
  5. Sofas misted with a diluted antiviral solution. Curtains misted on main touch areas.


  1. Wiped down everywhere where hands may have been with antibacterial spray.
  2. Checked blankets, duvets and pillows are clean.
  3. Fresh mattress and pillow protectors fitted to all beds.
  4. Mattresses checked and washed if necessary.
  5. Underbed areas checked and cleared.
  6. Rooms dusted and vacuumed.
  7. Drawers checked.
  8. Re-make beds with freshly laundered linen.
  9. All used linen removed from the property.


  1. Cleaned WC thoroughly with disinfectant and toilet cleaner.
  2. Cleaned bath and shower with cleaner.
  3. Cleaned basin and taps with disinfectant.
  4. Checked plugholes for hairs. Leave two loo rolls per bathroom.
  5. Make sure there is a loo brush and that it is hygienic.
  6. Fresh bathmat and hand towels supplied.
  7. Shelves, bathroom cabinets and mirrors cleaned.
  8. Floor washed, brushed and vacuumed.
  9. Shower curtain checked and cleaned.


  1. Windows checked externally and internal handles disinfected.
  2. Vacuum cleaner emptied

Extra Notes

To enable a full and rigorous cleaning regime and to avoid contact between yourselves and housekeepers/trades/owners we require you to arrive no earlier than 5pm on your arrival day.

  1. Whilst your holiday home will have been thoroughly cleaned, we recommend you revisit the touchpoints (handles, light pulls, switches yourself with some anti-bacterial cleaner, (taking care not to wet light sockets etc), to give yourself that extra peace of mind.
  2. Departure is no later than 9am please on your check out day, so that we have a minimum 8 hour window to thoroughly clean the cottage and prepare for the next guests.
  3. Please leave windows and all the internal doors open on departure, to allow for maximum air flow. Please do not leave the windows open in the event of high winds and driving rain.
  4. Please strip your beds and place the duvet cover, sheet and pillow case in a fabric laundry bag, that will be left in the master bedroom on arrival, and stow at the foot of each bed.  Mattress and pillow protectors are to be stripped and placed in a separate black refuse bag please. All towels, tea towels and bath mats should be bagged and left in the bathroom. (Three separate bags: Linen/Towelling/Protectors). This is our standard practice but please do check in your property for any specific property requirements.
  5. Please remove all your refuse and recycling from the property and stow, securely in bin bags/the appropriate containers, outside of your holiday home.

Unfortunately, if the above matters are not complied with then we may have to appoint a specialist contractor and this will come at a charge that will be passed on to you. 

COVID self-certification

Before your stay we will ask you to self-certify your health in respect of COVID19. These questions include:

Confirmation that you, or anyone in your party, are not displaying any of the main Coronavirus symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • A new persistent cough
  • Shortness of breath

Confirmation that you, or anyone in your holiday party, have not been in contact with anyone who has displayed the above symptoms, or tested positive for COVID19 in the last 14 days.

Confirmation that should you or anyone in your party develop symptoms between now and the departure date of your holiday you will contact Cornish Holiday Cottages immediately.

We will ask you to confirm acceptance of the changes to the Housekeeping service.

Thank you so much for your assistance


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