Our Mission

“To consciously act in the best interests of our holiday homeowners, guests, employees and community. To provide compassionate and considerate care for all stakeholders and our planet as a whole.”

Our Commitments

  1. Support the challenges within the Cornish housing market by not taking on properties that are valued at £350K or less.
  2. Limit our carbon footprint, while serving/maintaining our properties, through limiting our portfolio to within a ten-mile radius of our office.
  3. To give 10% of pre-tax profits to charity and community projects.
  4. Pay a Living Wage to all employees.
  5. Share 10% of pre-tax profits with the team when the annual KPIs are met.
  6. Utilise local suppliers for at least 70% of our resource requirements and ensure we choose those who share similar values.
  7. Use an electric company car that drives less than 10,000 miles per year.
  8. Source 100% renewable electricity.
  9. Enjoy only plant-based meals as a team and advocate for a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.
  10. Volunteer in the community for at least an hour a week for 5 / 6 team members.
  11. Through our Managing Director, Emily, who serves as a volunteer Director for a local Trading Subsidiary to The Children’s Sailing Trust.