Fox Rosehill Gardens

Located discreetly off Melvill Road in Falmouth, Fox Rosehill Gardens is a peaceful subtropical secret and the legacy of the Fox family, who are famous for the curation of Trebah and Glendurgan Garden.

Gifted to the public for their enjoyment at the end of the Second World War, the mild Cornish climate allowed for the successful introduction of foreign species. Visitors will find varied species from Australia, New Zealand and South America including lemon, banana and eucalyptus trees, bamboos, agaves and a wide array of palms.

Sea captains brought back many of the plants from various parts of the globe for the Fox family, or from Kew Gardens when excess plant material was produced.

Fox Rosehill gardens have been awarded the national Green Flag Award in recognition of the garden work in environmental protection and enhancement. 

Although situated on the side of the main road through Falmouth towards Pendennis Castle, the gardens at Fox Rosehill are not well signed and relatively few people stop and visit.

They are one of the early survivals of the horticultural and botanical works of the Fox family – indeed the only Fox town garden in existence, and they are one of the gems of Falmouth’s several municipal gardens.

From the entrance, you’re welcomed onto the main lawn by a delicate vista fringed with ironwood and tulip trees planted in 1916 to mark Howard Fox’s 80th birthday. Notice the multitudinous textures and colours from the scores of plants and trees, wander the winding pathways as the sunlight glitters through the leafy openings and enjoy the glasshouse at the north-west of the gardens. 

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