Granite Planet

Based in Penryn close to Falmouth, Granite Planet is south Cornwall’s largest indoor rock climbing centre, and a brilliant place to try something new, enjoy an active day out, or participate in a group activity, no matter the weather or time of year. 

Climbing activities attract thrill-seekers and people who put a premium on personal achievement instead of competition with others. Although purists may relay that proper climbing takes place only on natural rocks, artificial walls have made the sport accessible and have created a more controlled environment in which to learn the skills necessary to attempt natural rock formations.

If yoga isn’t your thing then climbing is a great way to increase flexibility as you reach and stretch for each hold. And by activating all major muscle groups within the human body simultaneously, climbing provides a full-body workout of both strength and cardio for a widely diverse demographic.

A climbing wall for all levels, the location offers a staggering number of different climbs with over 140 routes, as well as a traverse room and a bouldering cave. Leading can take place on every route, they have around 40 top ropes up at any one time, and the maximum height of any climb is 8 metres. For the novice, there is everything you need to prepare for outside, and for the well-practised, it’s the perfect place to maintain and improve your skills during the winter months.

In addition to taster sessions for groups and families, equipment hire, induction courses and indoor lead courses, Granite Planet also runs a regular children’s club for children ranging from 5-7 and from 8 years old upwards. 

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