Kernow Adventure Park

Located in a stunning reclaimed quarry just 15 minutes outside of Falmouth, Kernow Adventure Park is Cornwall’s hidden gem.

What started out as a wake park for friends has been transformed into an adventure centre for the whole family. With its sheltered location, highly qualified instructors and silky, fresh water, it’s the perfect place to spend a day. 

Experience the exhilarating feeling of carving along the water’s surface as you learn to wakeboard or the hilarity of the aquapark as you bounce around the floating playground.

For a slower-paced adventure, soak up your surroundings on a stand up paddle-board as dragonflies flit across the water’s surface and take in the vast 40m walls of granite. The crystal clear lake offers a safe, supervised environment that is perfect for seasoned swimmers and those just discovering open water.

And the newly landscaped, tiered garden acts as a brilliant viewing platform to watch the fun unfold or to simply absorb the natural beauty that surrounds you. Families and thrill-seekers can relax in the glass-fronted clubhouse, café and bar, as well as the private beaches that surround the lake itself.

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