Lamorran House Garden

Lamorran Garden is on a four-acre, south-facing hillside graced with backdrop views of the sparkling sea and St Anthony’s Head with its proud lighthouse. Wander through the Mediterranean-style gardens through archways along curving paths that reveal glimpses of the ocean. 

Situated on the Roseland Peninsula with extensive views over St Anthony’s Head, these sub-tropical gardens thrive in a favourable microclimate.

There is always something flowering in the garden. Throughout the winter and very early spring, the acacia trees can be relied upon to give their yellow scented blooms. From March to May the rhododendrons, evergreen azaleas and camellias are at their height, joined by massed cistus which flower almost continuously over a six months period. Citrus blossom also scents the air during the warmest months.

Discover areas of woodland, take joy in the water garden and temples, and perch on the petite bridge where you can lean and look out over the bay. Drink in the contrasting foliage of the evergreens and the statue-like palm trees and ferns set off by the winding gravel paths and streams. Lamorran House is a feast for the senses and a delightful surprise for anyone visiting this part of Cornwall.

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