Pendennis Castle

Explore Pendennis Castle, Falmouth – a mighty fortress built by Henry VIII to defend the country against invasion. Set on a headland with breathtaking views out to sea, this picturesque castle has defended Cornwall since Tudor times and played a vital role during the two World Wars.

Winding stone staircases, atmospheric gun rooms and turrets make it all too easy to imagine you’re back in the 16th century. Picture the sights and sounds of battle and climb to the top of the keep to scan the horizon for enemies, as you’re transported back to wartime Cornwall. Stir up your sense of adventure at Pendennis Castle, travel back to wartime Cornwall, climb to the top of the castle keep, and enjoy acres of green space at this historic gem.

Situated on a headland overlooking the bustling town of Falmouth, Pendennis is one of Henry VIII’s finest seaside castles. And despite its peaceful setting, it has a rich and poignant history. The castle has defended Cornwall since Tudor times and played a vital role in protecting the coast during the two World Wars.

The castle has a discovery centre, which allows visitors to explore the fascinating history of the castle, complete with interactive displays and activities, including an exhibit on Tudor battles. There are also many medieval reenactments staged at Pendennis. 

Visit the iconic Tudor keep and stay for a spot of lunch with a historical backdrop set against the open sea. Grab a takeaway treat from the castle café, which serves up a delicious selection of food as fabulous as the views. You can picnic on the grassy spaces around the castle while the kids let off some steam.

Pendennis is a favourite with visitors and you can often spot a range of wildlife, birds and coastal creatures whilst soaking up the views.

Debbie loves...

The Castle is well worth a visit if not just for the amazing views over the headland.  Pendennis also holds special events in the summer such as “Jousting” which is a fun event for all the family.

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