Bodega 18

Serving traditional Spanish tapas and small plates, Bodega 18 in Falmouth offers an intimate dining experience with home-cooked food, bold flavours and passed-down recipes. 

Formerly the site of Hunky Dory, owners Steven and his partner Irene have held successful eateries in both Truro and Devon. 

The menu is short and simple and boasts a range of changing daily specials using locally-sourced ingredients and family recipes. Their selection of wines, beers and spirits pair well with their food, and their offering is unique to this part of Falmouth.

Close to the waterfront of Falmouth harbour, the colour scheme is bold and comfortable with a Spanish twist; hanging chorizo and soothing Spanish music hums in the background, while the action of the open kitchen adds to the ambience. 

Here you can choose to share a few small plates over a glass of wine or fill your table with a tapas feast. Afterwards, take a short stroll over the road to the water’s edge and end your evening with happy bellies as you look out over the still harbour. 

Menu items include dishes such as fried aubergine in vegan honey, whipped Cornish mackerel with beetroot and pickled cucumber, manchego fritters, slow-cooked pig cheeks and roast chicken croquettes.

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