Provedore Deli

Provedore Deli in Falmouth, is famous for their big bowls of coffee, Mediterranean small plates, continental beer and Spanish produce. The cafe is warm, colourful and idyllic, and they pride themselves on being Falmouth’s only neighbourhood café. 

A specialist delicatessen and café, the definition of the word Provedore is a person or business which provides stores and supplies to ships, such as food and beverages – so based on the coast, Provedore was born.

Since 2007, Falmouth’s original, neighbourhood ‘Tapas Bar and Cafe’ have been pulling tight espressos, alongside morning bacon and egg sarnies, daily handmade lunches with life saving cooked breakfast on Saturdays.

During the day the Deli is open for those who wish to purchase Italian pasta, Greek herbs, chorizo, premium artisan sausages and French Cabernet Sauvignon. 

In the past Provedore’s tapas evenings were always a bustling affair, with diners frequently queuing down the road for their limited tables. And once inside you may have found yourself amongst a family sipping continental beer and sharing stories. 

Most recently they have returned to their previous life as an exclusive deli offering both Cornish and European cheeses, meats, olives, oils and a fine selection of alcohol, and the occasional pop up feast night. They are also proud to offer takeaway gyros and both vegan and meaty breakfast bagels. 

To contact call: 01326 314888

Emily loves...

“Bev and Tim are local legends, with their amazing home cooked food, deli delights and most recently hosting pop up takeaway nights on behalf of other exceptional chefs. Be sure to pay them a visit.”