The Chic Pea

Based on Arwenack Street, The Chic Pea is a falafel house and smoothie bar offering a delicious selection of vegan and vegetarian meals. Greek and Lebanese menu items such as wraps, pitas, mezze, salad boxes, and vegan falafels are available alongside stuffed vine leaves and nutritious smoothies.

Opening in 2020 by local brothers Josh and Theo, this central eatery boasts bold falvours, healthy food options, fresh produce, quality cooking, and local ingredients. Both having grown up within a few miles of Falmouth, the concept of opening up a Mediterranean food establishment has been a long-term dream shared between them, and when a friend offered them an opportunity to take up a space in Falmouth, they took it enthusiastically and have been successful in their venture from the beginning.

Their handmade falafels (which come in three varieties: sweet potato, beetroot, and classic) are crunchy, nutty on the outside, and dense and soft on the inside. Their hummus is creamy, rich, tangy and garlicky and once tried you’ll want it to be an add-on to all of your future meals. All of their portion sizes are generous, their wait time is minimal and their food keeps you full all day. 

With a garden for outside dining and plenty of space inside for private events and sit-down gatherings, Chic Pea food can be enjoyed during the cooler months (especially with their cosy hot boxes with mashed sweet potato, mixed bean stew, steamed greens, and signature tahini) and Cornish summer moments. We love ordering a falafel salad box and heading to Pendennis Point to indulge with a sea view. 

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Claire's favourite..

“Perfect food to take with you and eat beside the habour. The salad boxes are vibrant, flavoursome, and generous – they leave me feeling full for hours and hours. The owners are friendly and have been a part of the local community for a number of years; it’s a pleasure to be able to support them and to also have healthy takeaway food right on my doorstep!”