The Orgia

Relaxed and intimate but not short on style or atmosphere, owners Rob and Toyah opened Falmouth’s newest town-centre bar in early 2022 after experiencing success with their first Newquay business, The Bottle. 

Meaning “the worship of mystical things”, The Orgia is a French-themed and shabby chic bar and kitchen serving small plates and a selection of high-quality red, white, rose, and biodynamic orange wines, plus cocktails and fine ciders.

One of the key aims of The Orgia is to be as sustainable as possible and this includes using local ingredients and sourcing things that are grown from vine to glass, in a way that least impacts the earth. From oysters and baked cheeses, to burgers and charcuterie, the menu has been carefully curated to reflect and amplify the flavour profiles of the wines, with a focus on smaller plates allowing diners to enjoy a light meal, a full dining experience or an intimate evening of sharing boards and bottles with loved ones. 

Aiming to be Cornwall’s first restaurant with a dedicated skin contact wine list, The Orgia’s adventurous wine selection has a keen focus on biodynamic and natural wines but there will still be plenty of choice for those who take comfort in the familiarity of more traditional offerings.

Expect refined cheese plates such as Baron Bigod with smoked brandy and apple butter, Gouda and caramel fudge and specialty dishes such as baked oysters with chilli butter.

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